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Milagros Tafur

17 August 2017

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San Pedro Market

An absolute most if you want an authentic experience of local life! This colorful market is the chosen place of Cusqueños and tourists to buy vegetables, fruits, coca leaves, delicious fresh cheese and the unforgettable chuta bread; local clothes, jewelry, craftsmanship, weaving, and native musical instruments.
Hidden between the ills, you can find exotic stands with products brought form the Amazon, shamanic amulets, herbal tinctures and ointments made from the fat of different animals. There is one whole ill just for chocolate, exquisite fruit from this region. It is very common that the people that come from nearby provinces, are dressed with their traditional costumes, carrying babies in their backs tied with traditional rugs.



Santa Catalina church and Convent

This church stands on what was the House of the Chosen Ladies or Virgins of the Sun, also called “Acllawasi”. In Incan times it was the size of the entire block bounded by the Plaza de Armas. Founded in 1605, the Church and Monastery had to be rebuilt after the earthquake of 1650. The Church treasures beautiful Baroque altars and a magnificent pulpit.

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