Milagros Tafur

17 August 2017

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The Basilica Cathedral

It is the most important Temple in the City, with an imposing and magnificent colonial architecture, it is the custodian of multiple art forms. It was built in the “Suntur Wasi” and “Kiswar Kancha” of the Incas, with the masses of the walls of Sacsayhuaman. The first enclosure for religious services was built in what is now the Triunfo Church on one side of the Cathedral Basilica. Spectacular and magnificent it gathers characteristics of Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque.



La Merced Church

The church and convent of La Merced whose original construction dates back to mid-sixteenth century, is one of the oldest in the city of Cusco and was built in ancient Cusipata in the center of the city. The convent cloisters formerly were four, but now there are only two and one of them has become the current School of Mercy. The church has three naves, with a high and recessed platform construction like a Greek Cross.

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